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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 287702

Project objectives

The main objective of MULTIPARTES is to provide execution environments and tools to support the development of mixed criticality applications over partitioned embedded platforms based on a multicore open source virtualization layer thereby shortening the time-to-market. This will be done through the definition, demonstration and validation of a complete engineering framework supporting the design and development of partitioned systems. The specific objectives (Objectives S) are related to the different areas addressed by the project:
  1. To develop an innovative open source multicore virtualization layer for “mixed-criticality” partitioned embedded systems providing the following features:
    • Open source ‘made in Europe’
    • Robust temporal and spatial isolation of partitions
    • Deterministic services
    • Fine grain static allocation of resources
    • Fault management and attestation
    • Different guest OS’s coexisting in independent partitions
    • System architecture design and implementation
    • Road to certification defined
    This approach enables:
    • Independent partition development
    • Easier Integration of partitions with mixed levels of dependability and security
  2. To define and take advantage of homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore hardware as enablers for partitioning of mixed-criticality embedded systems. This will allow to:
    • Use the most appropriate hardware platform for the application needs considering its computational or processing requirements
    • Improve system trust by assigning applications to specific cores according to those non-functional criteria (security and dependability, computation capacity, etc)
    • Increasing the determinism of heterogeneous multicore COTS platform by identifying their sources of non-determinism and by proposing hardware extensions to mechanisms that could reduce the indeterminism.
  3. To define a methodology to advance the development and production of new applications based on partitioned multicore systems. This methodology will contribute to reducing time to market by enhancing the automation of system development process as follows:
    • Enrich functional models with dependability and security annotations.
    • Provide support for system partitioning, according to non-functional requirements.
    • Automate the generation of a deployment plan, ensuring fulfillment of non- functional requirements
    • Validation of system partitioning with respect to relevant dependability and security constraints (i.e. response time analysis and applications’ assignment to partition).
  4. To evaluate the research results by engineering use case studies based on the project technological innovations. This will be accomplished by real use cases related to the following application areas: aerospace, energy and video surveillance. These uses cases will be complemented with a study in the automotive sector. The following results will be obtained:
    • Evaluation of projects results in real scenarios
    • Demonstration of the multi-domain support of the solution
    • Technology assessment by project participants who have experience with practical applications
    • Confirmation of providing a complete approach to develop mixed-criticality systems